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In todays 2.0 society, users are the real source of information. Their opinions make them a key part on influencing the value of products and brands.

Turn information into knowledge

Oraquo gives you the right technology to detect, monitor and enhance the consumer experience.

Boost your relationship with your target audience

Create links with consumers and allow them to be an active part of your brand. They are your best ambassadors.

Discover a World of possibilities

Analyze your clients' experience. Identify emerging trends. Study your competitors. Increase your recommendations, sales and the image of your products.

Social Marketing Solutions

Starting to manage your social media campaign, connecting with your audience and improving your business results is much easier than you imagine. Just choose the tool that best fits your needs.

  • Oraquo Analytics

    Oraquo Analytics

    Intelligence to listen, measure and understand the conversation about your brand online.

    Oraquo Analytics is able to search, classify and analyze the Internet to create personalized reports that can be used to quantify the value of your brand's online interactions.

    • It searches collects and processes huge amounts of data
    • It can manage and listen all kinds of sources in real time
    • Advanced automatic qualitative analysis
    • 100% personalizable reports editor
    • It collects the context of conversations
  • Oraquo Social CRM

    Oraquo social CRM

    Combination of strategies to extract and generate value on online conversations. This way, you can engage new customers and enhance their loyalty.

    Oraquo social CRM monitors, tracks and listens online conversations and comments about your brand or competitors to optimize your Customer Service, online marketing campaigns and identify unique business opportunities.

    • Social customer service channel with 360º vision
    • Get a better customer´s knowledge to improve segmentation and marketing
    • Detect commercial opportunities based in the social activity
    • Differentiate the activity and influence by author and classify their comments
    • Create social intelligence patterns based on the extracted information
  • Oraquo Wall

    Oraquo Wall

    Turn a live event into an online conversation

    A tool to condense and invigorate digital conversation in any kind of events, conferences, shows, etc. It offers coverage, spread and real time feedback.

    • Interact, participate and broadcast your event
    • Promote the participation of your real and virtual audience
    • Automatic activation from a web browser
    • Fully customizable design
    • Advanced functions for automatic and manual moderation

Some of our projects

These brands already trust in Oraquo tools


Increasing fun and engagement at The Hole 2 Show

Since its premiere, the 'The Hole 2' show has used a new communication channel. Oraquo Wall is the technology which transforms the performance into an online conversation in which the audience is able to participate and share opinions and photos in real time. The audience enjoys and interacts and the show is enriched daily. Fun, engagement and global visibility.
  • Audience interaction and becomes protagonist
  • Manually moderated during the event
  • Real-time feedback
  • Carrying out the game #SiTeTocoTuMeTocas
  • Different formats and screen designs
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The IAB 2013 Inspirational Festival became trending topic

The Inspirational Festival is an event which gathers digital advertising and communication professionals in Spain during two days. In 2013 edition, they relied on Oraquo Wall used in an exceptional 25x10-meters screen in order to offer a stunning communication channel in which invigorate the audience and get a global coverage.
  • Real-time feedback with audience
  • Coverage and live broadcasting
  • Online communication channel
  • Event monitoring
  • Higher Twitter visibility
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CQL&P monetizes intangible assets for their customers

Quantumleap&Partners consultants is a PR and communications agency which works internationally. They offer business intelligence and active listening services created in collaboration with Thinkcom, research group in UCM, in order to measure the status of a brand, company or concept through monitoring conversations and analyzing its public track in the web.
  • Brand tracking and analysis
  • Competence reports by sector
  • Detailed knowledge of your client
  • Online reputation management
  • Social trends analysis
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Prodware Spain improves their client´s experience

Prodware Spain, belonging to the Prodware International Group, offers design, activation and support of technology solutions related to the improvement of your business processes. They have a wide range of Customer Experience Management solutions, including Oraquo Social CRM. This tool is aimed at tracking and studying online reputation by analyzing online activity about brands. It will be automatically integrated in Dynamics CRM to turn the information into business opportunities.
  • Online reputation tracking
  • 360-degree view in customer service
  • Commercial opportunities detection
  • Higher knowledge of your client
  • Creation of Social Inteligence models
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Coverage and feedback in real time during 'El Sol Festival 2014'

El Sol, the Iberoamerican Advertising Communication Festival, succeeded in its 29th edition, getting 6.000 comments in just 5 days. Oraquo Wall screens, set in every conference all day long, were a positive agent of change which invigorated conversations and encouraged audience to share contents.
  • Real-time feedback with audience
  • Coverage and live broadcasting
  • Online communication channel
  • Event monitoring
  • Higher Twitter visibility
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Chello Multicanal, monitoring and brand analysis

Chello Multicanal is the biggest independent production company of thematic tv channels in Spain and Portugal. With an audience of almost 13 milion of spectators, offers a variety of thematic channels of their own production like Canal Cocina or Canal Decasa. Always in avant garde in advanced technologies, they use Oraquo Analytics to perform monitoring and analysis of the digital conversation in their tv channels and social media.
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Higher knowledge of audience
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • New social trends detection
  • Sentiment segmentation of online audience
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ThinkCom, behavioral and opinion creation systems

ThinkCom, a reseach group from Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has developed a Business Intelligence System that allows to explain intangible business values. Oraquo Analytics adds the capturing, monitoring and analysis technology to this innovative system, that means a step further than Media Analytics and Social Marketing Analytics.
  • Creation of business intelligence models
  • Brand tracking
  • Opinion Analysis
  • Research in decision-making process
  • Social knowledge
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Higher participation in your event conversation!

E-Show is the most important e-commerce and online marketing event in Spain. In its 10th edition, which gathered more than 70.000 professional visitors in Barcelona, it relied on Oraquo Wall as its innovative communication channel. Oraquo Wall screens encouraged visitors to participate in the event, turning this live event in a digital conversation.
  • Real-time feedback
  • Convergence of virtual and real audience
  • Dynamism of the conversation
  • Participants interaction and prominence
  • Higher Twitter visibility
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